All things in Perspective...

New Year,2015


Have sollicited some help from friends to get the poetry project going. The title, Spokes of Life, relates to the way a bicycle wheel is able to be so light and yet support the rider's weight. The history of mankind is certainly the history of the wheel. Our personal life story is also made up of many spokes, the daily events that give meaning and texture to our story.

The way I write poetry is much like the way I have been writing novels these past five years. Poem by Poem, day by day, spoke after spoke, the wheel of life turns. In this way I'm able to live a writer's life and enjoy every moment!

Poetry book is just about ready for publication.

Projects for the year 2015


My schedule continues to be about one book written and published per month and so far that format seems to be working. The books are short, but changing topic each month tends to keep my creative mind fresh for the next storyline in a project. So far, the story lines have been divided into six characters/series:

The Mountain Man Series: Jeremiah Warner (17 Volumes)

The Templar Series: Matthew of Gaza (6 Volumes)

The English Archer Series: Will Burton, Lord of Entremont (6 Volumes)

The Allen Dowling Series:  Allen Dowling (5 Volumes)

The Carey Hart Novels:  Carey Hart (5 Volumes)

Boston's Counter-Terrorist Unit: Joe Maki (5 Volumes)

Fletcher and Tate Series (2 volumes)


In 2013, I finally finished a family novel, inspired by a true story, entitled : "Moonshine, Murder and Mayhem" taking place during the tough years of Prohibition and the Depression. You won't be able to put it down!