Excerpts from the Published Works of Robert M. Johnnson

Bombs over Boston

 Sometimes fiction can give us insight into emotionally charged stories that affect us all. The tragedy of the Patriots Day, Marathon Day bombing in Boston this year (2013) spoke to me in this way. Having run the Marathon myself many years ago, the whole thing had a personal quality for me and I wanted to explore it through fiction. Here are some thoughts from the book:

"The Russian pushed Joe down hard onto the big chair in the living room and the stoned young man had a brief moment of lucidity as he saw the gun appear in the hand of his former friend. The muzzle of the gun erupted in flames as the bullet tore into the face of young Joe Caswell and whatever promise there was in the young man's life was instantly extinguished."

The story of these two young immigrants from Russia is marked by radicalization. The novel allows the reader to enter into their mind states, their fanaticism and their crime. Violence is its own condemnation, a journey to the twilight zone of hatred and rage.

Revenge of the Warlock


"This was the one they wanted, the Bear Clan village itself and pandemonium had already broken out in the Indian Camp. Fire in the camp was extremely rare but when it happened, it brought panic and chaos. Some of the Crow were running to the river, not knowing how serious the fire might get, horses were stampeding everywhere, mothers were taking their children down to the water and fire seemed like it was all about. Now the second camp, the Bear Clan Village was also fully engaged."


The tragedy of warfare is brought home in this tenth volume of the Mountain Man Series. The Crow Indians had started a feud with the Wolf Man Warrior only to find out that he was capable of killing that is so fierce he seems to have magic on this side, what the Indians call "great medicine". In their frustration, they crossed a line when they massacred his two Blackfeet wives and his two infants. They have now brought down the curse of the Warlock on their Village, it is time for the Warlock's Revenge.

The Serial Killer's Profile


"They're over-manned and outgunned by the criminals of this city. They just can't keep up with all the backlog of cases that they have! I've never seen bureaucracy stumble over itself like these fools have done investigating my niece's murder!" The Cabinet Secretary said emphatically."


This is novel appeared in April of 2013 and is number four in the Carey Hart Detective series. The pressure and the action just gets more intriguing. With offices in Boston and Washington D.C. the Hart-West Agency finds new challenges for their fast moving investigative skills. Their cases now include two serial murderers and they are racing to keep up.