A Novel that Plays with Life

Once again Robert M. Johnson creates a fascinating saga in
his Mountain Man series.  Jeremiah Warner begins this seventh book in Johnson’s series as a warrior, but after incredible battles with his Crow nemesis, he concludes the adventure with the certain reputation of a warlock.

The survival of the fittest is the creed that propels Warner
through the western mountains.  He would prefer the lonesome life of a trapper combating only the rigors that Mother Nature can throw his way, but his reputation always precedes him – and Crow warriors vie to attain status as his killer.

In the book’s last great confrontation, the Mountain Man,
along with his horse Stormy and Wolf Hound, is joined in battle by John C. Fremont.  The man who will become known as the Pathfinder is not only shown the wiles of western travel and survival, but is also taught to take no quarter in combat with determined Crow warriors bent on killing them both.  But the natives are no match for Jeremiah Warner who combines stealth, a quick knife, and his usual unfailing marksmanship to dispatch the far larger band of Crow pursuers.  Fremont learns that death and blood are not
pretty, but are required not only for survival but also to add to the
reputation of his teacher – the Wolf Man Warlock.    G. Coussoulos


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