My Current Projects: 2017

2015 proved to be my most prolific year so far with seventeen books published. 2106 found me slowing down some, only ten books published. 

This new year finds me working on the two western series again. The reception for the first ten Sam Ogden novels has been extraordinary,. When the new book came out this year (2017), it was met with a rapid responose.

As a background for my creative work, I continue to work on another volume of poetry, having completed three in 2015. I find that between reading popular novels and writing poetry myself, my skill level for writing is clearly improving. 

19th century history is a wellspring of inspiration and my studies of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-1806 has been rewarding. These men were the first to explore the west in the name of the government of Washington City and the President. They were met with unbelievable obstacles. Their story inspires the Caleb Stuart series, Grit and GLory.