Published Works by Robert M. Johnson -- 2011-2020


 Fiction: 79 novels published on Amazon, Kindle, Paperback:

Allen's List; The Coupon Explosion; Campaign Victory Goes Viral; Healing Healthcare; The Gary-Allen Eateries (2015)

The Archer's Revenge; Striker King, Warhorse; Archer & Arrowsmith; The Archer's Lightning Arrows; The Archer Duke; Sky Queen, Hunting Hawk

Jihad 1095 A.D.; The Hammer of God; The Assassin Avenger;

Templar Treasures; The Templar Master; The Templar Testament

Carey Hart Detective; Diamonds to Drugs; Drones of Death;

The Serial Killer's Profile; DC Stalker

The Windrider;The Wolf Man Warrior; Wilderness Winter;

Westward Wagons, Ho!; Wolf Hound Vengeance; Wolf Prey;

Wolf Man Warlock; The Warlock's Fire Talk; The Warlock's Way;

Revenge of the Warlock; The Wilderness Pathfinder; The Warlock Takes Washington; Capture the Sunset; Wolf Attack!; Streams of Gold; Boundary Rider; Gold River Gunman; River Gold to Die For; Rocky Mtn Return; The Gold Wagon; Shootout at Poker Flats; The Wilderness Ranch; Cheyenne Summer;

The Prophet's Lightning Horse; Terror at Quabbin; HiJacked Terror;

Bombs over Boston; Cold War, Cyber War

Riding Shotgun; Frontier Marshals

Hard to Kill; Winter Down; RendezVous Prize; The Deerslayer's Destiny; Sam, My Warrior; Rocky Mountain Cabin; Free Trappers;

Wilderness Wagoneer; Bent's Fort Run; Bear Valley Trappers; Finding a Firestone; Sam Long Rifle; The Stalking Moon; High Seas Journey; Riding the Whirlwind Seas; Colorado Bound; Frontier Trauma;

Moonshine, Murder and Mayhem, My Shack,

The Champion's Sword; Twin Towers

Grit and Glory; Rage of the Grizzly; The Burning Wolf;

Provost Marshal Brady Jenkins 1865; Kansas City Crime Scene;

Mental Health:

From Inner Forces to Personal Power (Kindle, Paperback)

Behavior Training Manual published by Amazon

From Passion to Pleasure published by Amazon

The Healing Touch published by Barnes and Noble

The Challenge of Harmony published by Barnes and Noble

Principles of Geriatric Care published by Amazon

At the Crossroads of Religion & Therapy by Amazon

From Contemplation to Ecstasy (Amazon, Kindle, Paperback)

Centering Meditation Made Easy (Amazon: Kindle, Paperback)

Dementia Explained; Hoarding Cure; Read Faster; Rage; Life's Full Circle;Loneliness and Betrayal; Scattered Mind Cure; Amazon Kindle


The Spokes of Life; The Poet's Vision; Poetic Fires; Dancing Word Flames; All Amazon Kindle and Paperback;