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The Templar Testament appeared on April 16th this year and is the sixth volume in the Crusader/Templar series. Lots of action and excitement. It is great to see that a group of readers is now following that series as a new book comes out!

Wolf Attack!   Volume #14 has been doing well since it appeared in late March and now Volume #15 came out last week. The first copy was sold within 24 hours, always a good sign. The new Title is, "Streams of Gold"  The rich history of the 19th century is an amazing treasure-trove of themes. The Mountain Man had been able to take advantage of the riches of the Rocky Mountains for over ten years. Then he became a scout for the expeditions west and ultimately for the California Expedition that became the Mexican War. Now he is a 49er, part of the vast migration with his friend John Charles Fremont. Streams of Gold tells this next chapter in the ongoing saga.

New Mountain Man Novel
Portrait of author 1965