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New Books, Next Books In the Works

2013 saw the writing and publication of five novels about my favorite character, the Mountain Man, Jeremiah Warner.  Number 13 in that series came out on December 3rd, entitled, "Capture the Sunset!"

The Next book: "The Archer Duke" came out in early January and was the fifth in the English Archer Series. Now both Medieval characters Will and Matthew, have five volumes in their respective series.

On February 18th of this new year (2014) it was time to go back to the Allen Dowling Series and the fourth volume of that computer, internet saga is called, "Healing Healthcare."

Am currently working on a book called The Examined Life with Professor John Burt from the OLLI programs associated with UVA. We hope to get this one out sometime this year.

Next Novel Project will be the Mountain Man Series, want him to develop some roots int he Platte River Valley before the next grand project which will be the Gold Rush around 1849. I enjoy the rugged mountain life of the Rockies for my Character, Jeremiah.

Virginia Wildlife 2013
Katie Cover Photo from 1925